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I've been working on Etehfowr Against for a bit and currently working to releasing a build with

  • 6 playable characters (new additions being Laurel Tenpenny and Lulz S.Fowr)
  • controller + keyboard support
  • cool new (and FINAL) mechanics added in like Brace (you can brace for impact which lowers damage received during combos) Throw Tech, and Pushblock.

RIght now I'm currently working on controller support for both players 1 and 2. I spent this whole week trying to figure out how best to do that and was struggling for a bit, but i feel pretty close in terms of how I can do that.

As soon as i get that done I will upload a build for people to try out!

The goals for next month/august are as follows:

Visual/Mechanical work :

  • Starting work on adding the final character for the game!
  • polishing visuals for all characters (except that last one)
  • This is something that should've been done in the beginning, but now each state of a character will have a different hurtboxes. I haven't done this because I straight up did not know how to do it when I started this game, but now I have a good idea on implementing this as swift as possible
  • fixing corner interactions. All moves in the game act hella weird In the corner (specifically, characters will just be knocked off screen when hit in the corner, it doesnt look good.)
  • Reduce meter gain rate on whiff, but meter will now gain much more rapidly anytime opponents are in hit-stun.
  • add character collisions back in the game.

This is most of the stuff I want to fix. So far 2020 has been a great year in development for this game. There's been a lot of steady progress made and even though it's been difficult getting these features implemented, I've been enjoying showing the game off.

I'm going to spend this weekend starting work on another project for a collab. The game mechanics are already programmed in but I just now figured out what I want to do with it. I also have work on making things work properly. Going back to work in a few weeks so im gonna take this time to work on that for a bit.


(now characters flash red on hit, so it's obvious they're getting damaged!)


(Tenpenny wearing GUESS)


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