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TheMajormel's News

Posted by TheMajormel - December 31st, 2020

This was a very difficult year.

  • My longtime German shepard/ Yellow Labrador mix Sasha passed in february.
  • Stopped going to church. I still believe in christian teachings but was just very disappointed/angry with my church.
  • Almost had a breakdown back in June. Quarantine really got to me.

However, I think it is moments like these that have made me realize life is more important then the "things" we think we were made to be. For some of you; animators, artists, game developers, etc. You probably had the idea that u were gonna sacrifice everything to be "the best" but I am here today to say that I am no longer a part of that race. I started a twitter trying to become more "popular" but it has never made me really happy. Real happiness for me came from starting to meet people and understanding them. I've made some new friends that I can confidently say that I hope they are a part of my life from now on. I can no longer base my happiness on whether Etehfowr Against succeeds or not. It's not healthy.

So after that, I guess it'd be strange to say that the game is nearing completion. Etehfowr Against (once known as Arcade Quest) is looking much better. All the base characters are currently playable in game. Right now I'm in the process of adding some things to the combat universally, things like:

  • for some reason all normals use to launch the opponent, now you can choose to launch the opponent while holding down.
  • for a long time, the game never had knockdowns. If you're a big fighting game fan, you'd know that knockdowns are very essential to the offensive and defensive portions of a match. It's weird to say that the game has no sweeps either, but I'm just adding it in to make the oki(or setplay whatever) more interesting. I'm adding them in first thing for the new years.
  • I tried to add it in on christmas day to fuck around with my friends on, but 4 player mode is gonna be a thing. I remember pre-covid going to NYC game developer meet-ups and people would always ask if the game was gonna have a 4 player mode. I remember saying no, because the game is more focused on learning how to sync and de-sync both characters on your team. but because this actually makes the game a little harder because it has fighting game motions in it. So it seems fitting to add a 4 player mode so people can interact with the game on a much more casual level.

Also I said it before but I'm gonna release the game on NG. because there's no single player mode yet, I'm thinking of adding a Combo Leaderboards mode. Basically it's a mode based on getting the higher combo. There's going to be a standalone story mode for the game too, but I haven't started that one yet 😲. Initial cast is gonna be 7 characters... but 4 more will show up after that. Sorry if you're a "gotta have a huge roster" kind of guy.

I'm gonna go into next year posting stuff on newgrounds. I just started actually developing for @3p0ch's metagame collab. Prototype is functional !

I also have been dreaming of doing a newgrounds based fighting game. The framework for that kind of thing is already there in Etehfowr Against, so I believe it's possible to make. Brainstorming the cast as well. It prolly won't have any command motions either and the idea for that one is more along the lines of "getting two people to share playing on a keyboard" sort of thing.

I've also picked up drawing again and will be posting more of that throughout next year. I'm sick of trying to play with the indie big boys so I'm just gonna focus on doing newgrounds stuff again. Making stuff on NG was where I had the most fun creatively in my life so it feels right that this is the place I want to be at for 2021.

2020 was such a hard year but I'm so thankful that I've learned that this is a world that loves me. I don't know what I exactly mean by this, but I feel like this scene from Mad Men might explain how I came to that realization.

Might be considered SPOILERS if you'd like to watch the show. Highly recommend it

Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Years!


Posted by TheMajormel - June 27th, 2020

I've been working on Etehfowr Against for a bit and currently working to releasing a build with

  • 6 playable characters (new additions being Laurel Tenpenny and Lulz S.Fowr)
  • controller + keyboard support
  • cool new (and FINAL) mechanics added in like Brace (you can brace for impact which lowers damage received during combos) Throw Tech, and Pushblock.

RIght now I'm currently working on controller support for both players 1 and 2. I spent this whole week trying to figure out how best to do that and was struggling for a bit, but i feel pretty close in terms of how I can do that.

As soon as i get that done I will upload a build for people to try out!

The goals for next month/august are as follows:

Visual/Mechanical work :

  • Starting work on adding the final character for the game!
  • polishing visuals for all characters (except that last one)
  • This is something that should've been done in the beginning, but now each state of a character will have a different hurtboxes. I haven't done this because I straight up did not know how to do it when I started this game, but now I have a good idea on implementing this as swift as possible
  • fixing corner interactions. All moves in the game act hella weird In the corner (specifically, characters will just be knocked off screen when hit in the corner, it doesnt look good.)
  • Reduce meter gain rate on whiff, but meter will now gain much more rapidly anytime opponents are in hit-stun.
  • add character collisions back in the game.

This is most of the stuff I want to fix. So far 2020 has been a great year in development for this game. There's been a lot of steady progress made and even though it's been difficult getting these features implemented, I've been enjoying showing the game off.

I'm going to spend this weekend starting work on another project for a collab. The game mechanics are already programmed in but I just now figured out what I want to do with it. I also have work on making things work properly. Going back to work in a few weeks so im gonna take this time to work on that for a bit.


(now characters flash red on hit, so it's obvious they're getting damaged!)


(Tenpenny wearing GUESS)


Posted by TheMajormel - May 9th, 2020

Recently I've been thinking about how best to distribute Etehfowr Against.

I'm making some pretty sufficent progress on the game and now I'm finally adding the final 3 characters.

Last year I would say around late june 2019 is when the game started to actually take shape in what it's turned into now. Alongside that, I started going to physical events in the NYC game dev community to show off the game and to make new friends. People liked the game and liked the concept. Of course there were some bumps along the road, but that's something that understandably happens.


(how the game looked like around september of 2019)

When the coronavirus hit, all in-person events in NY came to a halt. With no way for me to show off the game in person, I had to resort to showing it off online. I was really nervous about this. cuz

  • No one wants to download a game just to try it out. unless the game is some form of complete package
  • it's really hard to get people to look at it! Physical spaces made it easier for me to get people to play it and I've never been good at the whole internet presence thing at all.

the past month I got to join a discord that was holding a virtual expo. It was cool because some people would just look at my game being streamed in the VC and some asked questions. Also my friends were cool enough to show up and support me showing off the game. Even better, I linked the game to my itch.io page and that day 15 people viewed the page. I think roughly 200 people were in the discord and most of em were there to play in league/smash/CoD tournaments so I'm pretty content with the numbers. however, there's a underlying problem..



people weren't downloading it. There was one download that day, but it was from a friend who complained about the character select menu being confusing to navigate(so it got changed to the one you see in the image up there^)

Virtual expos worked well to get eyes on a game but it didnt work in getting people to play it and test it out.

I started trying to think of a way that people can play the game without having to download it so It makes sense to have it being played through Parsec. It's a service that allows the host to stream their game to a client, so that way the client doesnt have to download the game. I havent been able to try out this tactic yet but hopefully it'll bring some moderate form of success.

This also brings up the question of the game's Downloadable Nature. I think people will easily digest a game that is on the web or one they dont have to download. When i started working on this game seriously, I felt that the game must be presented as a form of "Digital Graffiti" . Graffiti is a work of art. Graffiti is made for public consumption, but you dont have to go out of your way to appreciate it. I decided I'm going to release this game primarily through the web, starting here on NG first.

there will still be a downloadable release but I'm still a little up in the air on what else that'll provide/offer for people who WANT to download the game and take up their HDD/SSD. The browser version is going to focus more on the 2v2 aspect but this may mean i might have to look at the controls again to see how people can comfortably play on the same browser/keyboard.




Posted by TheMajormel - May 1st, 2020


damn SMOKED lol

Posted by TheMajormel - April 16th, 2020


in game hud with old sprites


New sprites in the works

Next week game will be shown at a online expo.

Hoping to get the new sprites and the character select into the hands of people!


Posted by TheMajormel - October 31st, 2019

on features so far:

  • got character select up and running, No mirror matches yet though :o
  • taking a quick break but now adding the final 3 characters to the game.
  • There will be an early version for people to play sometime soon, I'm just polishing up the character select menu since it's a relatively new feature.
  • The upcoming build will have four playable characters: Majormel, Sasha the dog, Cyrus, Embryo

as for where the game will be played, there's a private page on itch.io for it already. right now only a couple few played it (close friends, family) and feed back is that it's pretty neat. I'm alright with that :) I also plan to drop the game on Steam and finally.... I really want there to be a NG version as well. I'm using love2d and there's libraries that help make love2d games run on the web. However, I admit that i mostly have been playing NG's mobile games more often then the desktop ones and im looking to make Arcade Quest for NG more mobile focused. (dont worry, cuz im pretty sure the desktop controls will be unaffected.)

also i guess these:

  • originally i wanted to reanimate the ALL of the sprites but people have said they liked em. Some sprites will be redrawn but it's just because i felt like some of them were very difficult to read( so stuff like hitstun animations will get reworked so it can be easy to see that they are getting smacked up) alot of those animations were made in 2013 when i didnt know how to animate at all.
  • however, from this point on, only the final 3 characters being added will receive all brand new sprites. Honestly the final 3 has the worst 2013-made sprites in the game and all 3 got redesigned to a style i liked better anyways.
  • yes GGPO is now open source and free but due to lack of experience developing netcode (and not being an all that experienced programmer anyways) I decided to pass up on having online multiplayer. Honestly GGPO is amazing but since I have no experience programming online infrastructure, it would've been a terrible online experience to play with. I'd love to make a game with online someday but i believe for this version of Arcade Quest, that will not be now. However, there is now stuff like Parsec and Steam recently announced they are adding a remote play feature that allows you to play with your friends regardless of them owning the game or not.

so yeah, there will be a public page soon. Im not trying to make the mistake of being impatient because some people might not still fully understand what im going for. I want to also add some more stuff to make it a little bit more clearer for people to get the idea of the game. SO expect at least a playable something to appear near the end or middle of november.

also, follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/Pooptiesquat

im gonna try and start uploading more progress on there too.



Posted by TheMajormel - August 14th, 2019

Yo yo yo yo yoI haven't been on NG in along ass while and that's just been that life has been sucking fat ass dawg.

Basically from like summer 2018 - Jan 2019 I've done:

  • Doing Dance in South Korea
  • Worked at a pretty cool retail place near Times Square
  • Finally participated in my first Game Jam! Global Game Jam 2019

However from Feb 2019 - June 2019 it's been all bumps and bruises

  • College started hounding me for payment.
  • Apartment my family was staying out ran out on it's lease and we've been struggling to find a place to move.
  • I showed off Arcade Quest at an expo and it did not go well (from being underprepared to my Thinkpad laptop shitting itself the night before.)
  • Signed up for another expo and they rejected me.

I got to go to South Korea again this year for missionary work and it was very enjoyable. Shit n***a, I'd say it was the best trip there compared to the other years I've went.

I think personally... It's the only thing I have going for me. I really want to go back to school. I really want to finish Arcade Quest(at this point, It COULD be released as an unfinished game)

That's the thing I hate about the most. The fact that this church/Korea/dance thing is the only thing of significance I've done gets to me. It's not something I've ever thought to do in my life at all. Shit, I've only been doing this because 3 years ago, I met a girl. However over the course of those 3 years I realized that I never genuinely liked her, but all I did was obsess over her. Actually in the words of Patrice O'Neal "Im a time hoe".

If there was one thing I learned from this situation, I'm gonna stop being a lil bitch. If I wasn't a lil bitch I couldve:

  • Either asked her if she wanted my cock or nah.
  • Dropped the game already, warts and all
  • Brute Force my way thru school.

However, if we lived in a life of could've or should've, then it wouldn't be a life worth living at all. So, all I can do from here is move forward. If I drop the game and people dislike it, then that's cool. We live in an age where we've seen bad games make amazing turn arounds. All we can do is FAIL FORWARD. Now I know, I'm perfect.



Posted by TheMajormel - April 29th, 2018

I went back to college in 2018. 

i failed my 2nd year and took a break for a semester. 

before that i spent all of my money to go to south korea

i danced on stage infront of thousands of korean kids.

shit i even danced in the Gocheok skydome (baseball stadium in seoul and where the Nexon Heroes play).

it was cool (even though i was obviously garbage at it) . 

I might be going back to south korea again but i dont know yet. 



on the flipside

so yeah that fighting game i've been working on is still in development i guess

you know i couldve stopped working on it .

i've mostly been working on the "engine" and i think mostly behind the surface shit.

like, there's 4 characters that can be played now. 

im just fleshing out some systems stuff. 

game went from 1v1 with assists to just straight 2v2 

now you have to simultaneoustly play as 2 characters. 

think cross assualt from marvel vs capcom 1

or a recent example marvel vs capcom infinite with soul storm. 

some cool ideas with this sort of gameplay is that you can break out of combos by saving one of your guys

but you know, your opponent has a guy too so try to hit both i guess. 

although i couldve switched from 1v1 to 2v2 long ago, i kept trying to do the assist idea

but it wasnt really working all that right and the idea i had for it seemed pretty dumb. 

right now, the idea is to flesh the game out and finally have it in some public and playable format. 

i also am planning to reuse the stuff i learned here and add it into SOMETHING i'd like to publish on NG

its almost may and shit's getting nerve wracking so idk if i can do well on time. 


Posted by TheMajormel - February 28th, 2018

i promise something concrete

i also wanna do something for pico day 2018


Posted by TheMajormel - September 10th, 2016

  About 5 years ago, I signed up on Newgrounds and in my years here I posted a couple of flash games that were mostly just enjoyed as a joke or were poorly recieved.  My early years here on newgrounds were so great. And my second year here was so wonderful by meeting people like @sacros , @kel-chan,  @platypuspwn,  @rad, and a bunch of other people I'm forgetting right now.


  In 2012 to 2014 it was pretty obvious that there was a big project i was working on that would be a fighting game to play on NG. Arcade Quest. It started off as a "8-bit" (meaning poorly drawn mspaint art) beat em up. But after seeing the game Skullgirls, I felt really inspired to make a hand-drawn fighting game. I would attempt to make it in flash, but my unfamiliarity with AS3 forced me to look out for programmers. When I met @Msghero I asked him if he can help, and he was nice enough to help. I think during this period of time, I didn't realize that I had poor leadership and game design skills, and development for that version took a good while. Also, I wasn't paying him and I underappreciated his efforts when he did help. That whole build was my fault. I did not have the indepth knowledge of fighting games at the time and I had such poor ideas and the scope was too big. The project isnt dead though. In late 2015, I started doing work on a type of prototype in Love2d, a framework that usually has you code in Lua. During this time I was heavily playing a bunch of fighting games. Analyzing a bunch of shit while I play (One I played heavily in particular was JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage For The Future. I still think it's capcom's best fighting game, JoJo bias aside!.) 

  This new version of the game is doing pretty ace and my goal is to finish working on the base engine this year. So far there is only two characters that are playable and near finished. I'm trying to tighten things up and get stuff to function really well. I also changed up the design of systems as well (I believe meter was originally gonna be like Marvel vs Capcom's meter (levels 1-3 since the design was inspired by Marvel 1). Meter is now obtained onlly by hitting forward towards the opponent. I also changed up some of the archetypes of certain characters only beacuse i never realized how boring their playstyle was. Also drew up new frames of animation (I've gotten better at drawing in the recent year but I had to downgrade myself so that the new animations can be consistent.) Also, backgrounds of the game are actually going to be live action. Think the cartoon's "Amazing Adventures of Gumball" or "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"  I came up with the idea when watching this music video: 


I'd like to get some basic things done this month so I can show off some gameplay (without assists sadly :^/ ).


  I'm not done making flash games yet on NG though. I have a nostalgic crave to work on one again and I started doing some art assets for the new game. It is not original since this one is actually going to be a pico day game. It's a local multiplayer game and all I can say is that it's pretty much who hits first but really really fast. I'm also trying to play a bunch of new featured NG games so that it can honor some of the "new generation".  I'm doing this just to "defend my honor" because every time I've uploaded something on PIco Day it was pretty much shit. The pico day from 2014 really hurt my confidence to make more games because I was working on a main project with @boredlooney and at the same time working as a last minute programmer for another one (note: I was still shit at AS2 during that time and I'm not gonna even mention the person who asked me to help, because they are insufferable, the artists were really nice people though! ) . That Pico day 2014 game I realeased was the first time I ever got Turd Of The Week and it really just killed my confidence to work on anything. This new project is to redeem myself. That's my goal for now on here. 

anyways, I hope to keep learning and hopefully finish working on Arcade Quest (or just show something playable). I hope my Pico Day 2017 re-ignites my love for this site, because at this point I don't know what else will.