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cool look but wow what a downer ending lol

very based


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this is a cool ass mechanic and its cool the game is based around it

this is the only pixel day game that encourages you to have your own playstyle. that's why I gave it an 5 star. It's very beginner art-ish but there's a lot of cool ideas in here (the megarobby being able to jump on top of Izzy to hitch a ride is very cool.)

somethings that I feel would make the play experience much smoother:
- have a fail/killscreen. It will make things less confusing for new players.
- consistency with how dashes/attacks work would be splendid.

it has obvious shortcomings but its clear there is some thought in the gameplay. The bossfights are also pretty fun and I feel is the true highlight of the game's simplistic style.

scottwjsm responds:

I am glad you liked it! I will have to finish this, it will be an entirely new game.

It's a functional game but the speed of the bird feels too slow to catch anything just in time. that coupled with the fact that it's a little hard to tell what button to use when at the top. I think if the camera followed along with the bot and there was a preemptive notification on which side the bolt will shoot out, I'd be able to track it a little bit easily

nice game tho

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very well done, but the ending was a little bit abrupt.

reminds me of the band explosions in the sky

Insomnimatic responds:

Thank you very much. I've never heard their music before so I'm going to be sure to check them out! This isn't the final version of the song. I still need to tweak it and get more parts done for it. This honestly is proving to be more complicated than the metal that I write. I'm not sure why but it honestly is. I'll just have to jump these hurdles like I did when I was first writing music.


Promethicus responds:

thanks bro, u too!

nice shit

Promethicus responds:

thank you

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i like the epic effect and the colors choen evoke pop art feelings

Im gonna cooooooooooooom!

Love the colors

Beautiful and Avant garde

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