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the way u move

2013-07-19 15:59:13 by TheMajormel

to da killer groove


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2013-07-26 07:56:14

Ain't playin' in no tournaments
But I'm the most known player no argument
Ha! Top paid too
Dude going to jail for what he said
Man FBI must want me dead
Now watch man
Middle man
Villain man
I'm comedian
They the laugh
Government try to take half
Fuck that shit
Tax act
Took me a year to fly six hours
Atlanta International
Aerodrome Tower
Self loathing in seatbelts
Security checks so detailed
Baggage claim
John McClaine
Die hard after Easter
Hung up on south-Asian ho
MSG and egg rolls
Dial tone busy don't wanna know
Arrive in Texas for the massacre
All fucked up neurovascular
I'm forgotten Mac OS Cheetah
Shit's scarier than Amnesia
Romance is a plot device
James Bond singing
North Korea
Only women love me
Mama mia