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2013-07-01 00:25:54 by TheMajormel

well, I'm going to camp tomorrow but before I go, I just wanted to post this.

my day was really terrible, I mean it started off fine but around 2:00 pm stuff went down. I kept losing to my older cousin in P4A (that was probably due to fighting game burn out) and I was just acting MAD SALTY YO. I was close to crying because that stupid ho Chie always gets raped by this nig's Yu.

After that my aunt made us dinner. it was spaghetti with chicken and spinach. I really hate spinach. Luckily my aunt wanted my cousin and I to go with her to the store, which luckily had me avoiding finishing off spinach (yuck). But I thought it'd get better, really thought it'd get better but nope it didnt.

- my cousins pit bull got ATTACKED by his father (we tried to leave the dog at another family members house so that we can be assured someones watching the dog while we're at camp)
-my aunt has been criticizing me for silly reasons (like not cleaning plates fast enough)

So as of right now, I've just been refining and smoothing out some of the other characters in my game. Couldnt get some animation done, but I find it calm when I just need to be calm. Everyones been fucking whining about DOMA. the Gays, the religious, the blah blah blah. If I hear DOMA one more time, I'm going to scream.

well, I just wanted to get some things outta my head. I barely update this stuff.

R.I.P Jim Kelly, you da best.


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2013-07-01 01:33:10


(Updated ) TheMajormel responds:

go die <3


2013-07-04 04:12:06


yes suddenly i see all these companys with gay ads. i just hate my country.

TheMajormel responds:

yeah its so damn stupid.