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making moves for a fighting game is hard.

2013-07-06 19:44:03 by TheMajormel

just saying.

So today I've been finishing up everyone else's basic actions. While doing that I'm working on Majormel and Lulz's super moves. It's very hard to think of how they will work. Everything matters in a action. Frames, its effects, and the use of its traits into a players strategy. I feel sorta strange with making the main character a rushdown, since fighting games usually have zoners/shoto characters (Ryu from Street Fighter and Yu Narukami from P4A, for example). I think a rushdown works pretty well as a main character for a fighting game, personally because if you're new to a beat em up or fighting game, the idea is to always be offensive and keep attacking.

Arcade Quest is a beat em up/ fighting game (Really focusing on the beat em up part but yeah there's a type of fighting game there) and a rushdown character works pretty well for both genres. I think that's sorta the goal here when incorporating a playstyle that'll work for both genres. Another goal is to really make it feel like a different game when playing other characters. For example, a character called Lulz S. fowr is a keep-away type of guy. In a beat em up however, it'd feel a lot like contra or a run and gun. The thought of that sounds very fun, and I think it can show how Arcade Quest can be morphed into a very different game, sorta like how in Super smash bros melee, you can race around big stages(there was no race mode in the game, but if you own the manual, they suggest that you can also race around the hyrule temple map, even though there is no way to end the race unless you add time limits or something.) I'd love to do that with Arcade Quest, make completely different game rules from the original games vision.

Well, I'll go back to drawing and designing the game right now. I just wanted to say something.


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2013-07-06 20:53:47

I want to play this game now. Hurry up.

TheMajormel responds:

It's probably gonna get done this summer.


2013-07-07 12:20:59

Hey, I kinda feel like making a game with you
get on skype if ya want me to discuss something with ya

TheMajormel responds:

Yeah man, I'll find some time to discuss it.


2013-07-07 13:08:10

pls hurry up pls

TheMajormel responds:



2013-07-07 13:11:58

was thinking about some game involving summer or sumshiz
Majormel's summer adventure or something

TheMajormel responds:

it could be like zelda or something.