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Well, animating for this game is SWELL!!!

2013-07-10 23:42:08 by TheMajormel

You wouldn't believe what the hell I've been working on for the past two days.

I've been redrawing one characters running animations, and damn, I'm finally done with it. Whew, that was a doozy.
So lately I've been thinking about the possibilities of doing online play in a flash game like this. I recently played a game called weedman , that has a online mode in which you could play with your friends. I thought of all the flash beat em up/ fighters out there that I think would be so damn fun if I had more then one friend playing with me. If I have to add a online mode though, I think it'd be very simple. No battle pints, no ranks, just a online mode simply made to get you and your friends playing together.

it'd be the bee's fucking knees if we got online in there. Oh my gosh, just IMAGINE playing with/against your friends in a flash game like this.

well, I'm done with the running animation now, I got a few stuff to finish up, like animating characters and contacting peeps.
I'll leave ya with a song I've been playing a lot when I draw.

and here's a rough sketch of Majormel in mspaint(I have a fetish for rough lines) this might be a weekly thing idk. eekly-sketch?context=ratings:etma.user:3880858.s couted:.offset:0


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2013-07-13 19:07:49


TheMajormel responds:

hey babs