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Newgrounds Sucks

2013-07-26 23:44:01 by TheMajormel

now, that I have your attention, lets talk.

I just wanna talk, lets sit down and talk.

So some of you guys know I've been working on this fighting game for a pretty long time, and you may be wondering why is it taking forever?

from my perspective, its a problem of communication. pretty much we all barely keep each other updated on what we did and stuff. Im not blaming the people I work with, since I've pretty much done this too, but I'm just frustrated that the game hasn't made it past the conceptual stage. I'm working on adding deeper mechanics and a gimmick that just adds to the crazy fun. I hope that at the end of this month, I can get a alpha out for people to test on, and some work can begin. Then again, we just REALLY started some work this month. I guess it's just another problem of me being impatient. I gotta realize that this is a big game here, and it isn't just merely a flash game and put both views into one.

Im gonna stop whining and bitching and crying here and just talk.

I've been drawing the animations a lot, and I realized that I really start to favorite on who I like to draw. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't like drawing the main character (which is a self insert). Every other character has a awfully cool move set. Then again, then main character's move set was pretty much built to be super offensive but at the same time he's using willpower instead of fire power and weaponry. Think of a little kid going against a bully. It's all brain power.

I just really felt like sharing what was bothering me today. oh and I'd like to state newgrounds doesn't suck(although it DOES have it's problems)

EDIT: OH crap I forgot to ask, since my game has the idea of a assist feature, what famous Newgrounds character would you like to see? I've added a few of my own original characters but I thought guest characters would be fun too.


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2013-07-27 00:16:14

How you add me as guest Character :)


2013-07-27 00:18:27

i meant How about you add me as guest character :)

TheMajormel responds:

sure man!


2013-07-27 01:47:02

This game's gonna be "brill" as Gagsy put it.

TheMajormel responds:

okie dokie artechokie


2013-07-27 16:35:07

You should totally add me as a fighter too! Nahh you don't have to but anyway I'd love to help test it out once you're ready!

TheMajormel responds:

when the alpha is ready I'll make sure to have ya test it out


2013-07-27 19:06:58

Sweet. And if you have time, could you make me a guest too? I'll make it up to you sometime, I swear.


2013-07-29 10:04:51

how come you don't like newgrounds :(

TheMajormel responds:

blame it on tom fulp


2013-08-06 23:04:52

I'm sure bitching will fix everything.

TheMajormel responds:

sheesh guys this blog isnt about newgrounds what so ever. i just used the title to attract people


2013-09-23 23:04:43

I had that fucking feeling.