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I dont feel welcome here anymore

2013-08-29 17:26:46 by TheMajormel

Yeah I just really dont. I dunno why but it feels like I've lost my place here. I feel like the only way I can get attention for a opinion is say something really stupid or be obnoxious. The BBS and Chat rooms feel so foreign to me now. This isnt a newspost about me leaving NG, I'll never leave this site or ditch it. But I'll probably be in the backgrounds now, just lurking or working on a project. Just felt like I had to get that off my chest.


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2013-08-29 19:57:13

you have to do something big to go back to the top , like a game or something

TheMajormel responds:

This isnt a complaint about popularity


2013-08-29 20:41:31

You are not alone.

TheMajormel responds:



2013-08-31 02:34:58

Well, you know, you were never any more welcome than the people were willing to welcome themselves.

It isn't a game, but it functions like one.

And no matter what you are still functionally to blame for your own prerequisites, but not for the stupid fucking insane battle-hungry pseudo-war addictions of the crowd. Only, indeed fact, are you to be held accountable for your relations to their perpetual war.


2013-08-31 23:50:27

u dont need to fade u just gotta keep talkin to everyone your friends, fans and ppl who are looking for help :)


2013-10-07 22:10:13

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