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2013-09-06 00:52:39 by TheMajormel

Alright nig's so Arcade Quest is going pretty well. Pretty much animations for the main characters are almost done, might be done this month. So next month is probably when voice recording and tweaking stuff starts and extra animations and shit. November would be cutscenes and shit. That's the plan and schedule, and if we go by that pretty well then this game might hit in like, christmas or the new year.

I think now's a good time to explain why this game is taking me so long. Arcade Quest first started off as a submission for a stencyl jam game, held here at newgrounds. The first version started off as a beat em up/ and the version after that tried to expand upon that with characters to take side quests with.. The game was very ambitious but ran into way many problems, and i did not like the simplistic combat it had. The game's transition to flash started in like, februrary. after trying to replace the 8 bit graphics with hand drawn artwork and the failure of its look. in February I was drawing some stuff and animated a hype as fuck game intro that i did out of fun. At that point i really wanted to bring the game to flash. I could've made a Street Fighter 2 like game with as2 and just call it a day, but I really wanted to make something cool. I have fears that fighting game players (ESPECIALLY the ones who play marvel) wont like this game, since its sorta like marvel 1. But i added some things that i think are really fun mechanics.

This game's development seems pretty open right now so pretty much im just gonna talk about mechanics from this point on and leave story details out.


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2013-09-06 11:20:49

I like this, but I would really suggest you make your line art less, uhhh, less sketchy. Maybe add some shading, everyone likes shading, but about the game itself, can't wait.

(Updated ) TheMajormel responds:

thats just the rough art right now

EDIT: wrote that sentence sleepy, its rough art but i think the sketchiness makes it dirty, I like dirty