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5 years on newgrounds and my future here.

2016-09-10 13:27:23 by TheMajormel

  About 5 years ago, I signed up on Newgrounds and in my years here I posted a couple of flash games that were mostly just enjoyed as a joke or were poorly recieved.  My early years here on newgrounds were so great. And my second year here was so wonderful by meeting people like @sacros , @kel-chan,  @platypuspwn,  @rad, and a bunch of other people I'm forgetting right now.


  In 2012 to 2014 it was pretty obvious that there was a big project i was working on that would be a fighting game to play on NG. Arcade Quest. It started off as a "8-bit" (meaning poorly drawn mspaint art) beat em up. But after seeing the game Skullgirls, I felt really inspired to make a hand-drawn fighting game. I would attempt to make it in flash, but my unfamiliarity with AS3 forced me to look out for programmers. When I met @Msghero I asked him if he can help, and he was nice enough to help. I think during this period of time, I didn't realize that I had poor leadership and game design skills, and development for that version took a good while. Also, I wasn't paying him and I underappreciated his efforts when he did help. That whole build was my fault. I did not have the indepth knowledge of fighting games at the time and I had such poor ideas and the scope was too big. The project isnt dead though. In late 2015, I started doing work on a type of prototype in Love2d, a framework that usually has you code in Lua. During this time I was heavily playing a bunch of fighting games. Analyzing a bunch of shit while I play (One I played heavily in particular was JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage For The Future. I still think it's capcom's best fighting game, JoJo bias aside!.) 

  This new version of the game is doing pretty ace and my goal is to finish working on the base engine this year. So far there is only two characters that are playable and near finished. I'm trying to tighten things up and get stuff to function really well. I also changed up the design of systems as well (I believe meter was originally gonna be like Marvel vs Capcom's meter (levels 1-3 since the design was inspired by Marvel 1). Meter is now obtained onlly by hitting forward towards the opponent. I also changed up some of the archetypes of certain characters only beacuse i never realized how boring their playstyle was. Also drew up new frames of animation (I've gotten better at drawing in the recent year but I had to downgrade myself so that the new animations can be consistent.) Also, backgrounds of the game are actually going to be live action. Think the cartoon's "Amazing Adventures of Gumball" or "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"  I came up with the idea when watching this music video: 


I'd like to get some basic things done this month so I can show off some gameplay (without assists sadly :^/ ).


  I'm not done making flash games yet on NG though. I have a nostalgic crave to work on one again and I started doing some art assets for the new game. It is not original since this one is actually going to be a pico day game. It's a local multiplayer game and all I can say is that it's pretty much who hits first but really really fast. I'm also trying to play a bunch of new featured NG games so that it can honor some of the "new generation".  I'm doing this just to "defend my honor" because every time I've uploaded something on PIco Day it was pretty much shit. The pico day from 2014 really hurt my confidence to make more games because I was working on a main project with @boredlooney and at the same time working as a last minute programmer for another one (note: I was still shit at AS2 during that time and I'm not gonna even mention the person who asked me to help, because they are insufferable, the artists were really nice people though! ) . That Pico day 2014 game I realeased was the first time I ever got Turd Of The Week and it really just killed my confidence to work on anything. This new project is to redeem myself. That's my goal for now on here. 

anyways, I hope to keep learning and hopefully finish working on Arcade Quest (or just show something playable). I hope my Pico Day 2017 re-ignites my love for this site, because at this point I don't know what else will. 


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2016-10-21 07:09:20

heres to another 20 years on ng >:)

TheMajormel responds:

thanks b


2016-10-29 08:25:19

Nice to see you're doing well, mel.

Don't feel too bad about what happened with the games we made. I had fun working on our Madness day entry and Pico day entry.

I'm sorry I don't know that much about how to help you out, but if there's one piece of advice I know can help, it's this: you can grow at a small rate. That may sound discouraging at first, but I know from experience that even making a small part of a game that you like will boost your self esteem tremendously. Believe me, making and uploading "Inside the Lines Demo" broke me away from this crippling void I felt for nearly my entire highschool life (Well, more like "broke it open" rather than "broke me away from it").

You're a little younger than I am, right? I bet things will keep improving for you.

TheMajormel responds:

Thanks for the kind words. I mostly felt like it was my fault due to the fact i was dealing with a truancy issue when I was in high school and didn't relay that info to you. This may sound strange but i have to agree with the advice you gave has happened to me before, but i didn't realize how effective it actually was until now.

I'd like to work on a game with you again, but put my all into it this time around.

thanks for the advice


2017-02-28 07:48:18

gorillaz in da mist